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I hold sacred space for you to clarify and shine your light.

Who am I?

My practice focuses on facilitating transformation through psychic guidance/channeling, soul tending, and ancestral lineage repair. 

I am a MIDWIFE of spirit; meaning I hold space for you to bring about a new way of being in mind, body, and soul. I am trained to serve others who are interested in learning more about themselves and the patterns that keep them stuck in old ways of being. I am able to help others find their way to their own heart and live from the alive presence of Spirit within. 

If you want me to tell you your exact future with clear details, I am not the psychic for you. If you want me to fix your life, I am not the healer for you. I believe that life is both dark and light, and I am not into spiritual bypassing, or sugar coating the truth.

I like to keep things simple; add a bit of humor and sass when I do my readings. I do not take myself too seriously, or believe that I am capable of miracles. I am just a human being who SEES you.

Please browse through my offerings located at the top right of this page for the descriptions of how we might work together.

I look forward to hearing from you, and please reach out with any questions to

Please Read: 

ALL OF MY SESSIONS ARE DONE REMOTELY. This means we communicate via email, and then I record your reading or session and send a sound file to your email afterwards. I do not talk on the phone, use FaceTime or Zoom. For over 20 years, I have seen clients in person, on video chat, or over the phone. I have been conducting my sessions remotely for the past 3 years, and I LOVE IT (and my clients do, too)! I am personally super sensitive and distracted by other technologies, so my intuition gets impacted by that. I give the best sessions when I have no screens to look at or human interference. I get that I am not the practitioner for “everyone” because of that, and that’s cool with me. I do what I know will allow for an amazing session.

Client Testimonials 

I began working with Tracy 6 months after a near death auto accident.  After 4 months of intensive rehabilitation, I knew there was a large part of me that felt like I was not myself.  Her soul retrieval work was amazing and I was able to recover parts of myself that had splintered after the accident.  I felt like my true self again, so much so that my partner saw the positive difference in me and asked to work with Tracy himself.  He also had positive results.  I am so grateful for the work Tracy does, it is fascinating. 

Karen Fogarty

Tracy is an incredible intuitive and healer. She is kind, caring, empathic and has a deep connection to the spirit world. I've seen many psychic/mediums/intuitive and Tracy is far and above, the best of the best. The REAL DEAL. If you're searching for deep connection, real healing, and connection to the powers beyond, she is your key. Don't hesitate, it'll be the best money you ever spend on your spiritual well being.

Kary Goodman

In a nutshell, Tracy's work is amazing. Compassionate and keenly insightful, Tracy is able to cut through the clutter to get at the core energies causing conflict in the mind-body complex. Her intuitive help has been so valuable. I've experienced movement on every level of my health: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. If you're interested in achieving health and wellness at a very deep, cellular level, I highly recommend Tracy. Her abilities are undeniable as far as I'm concerned!

Val Lovelace

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